Leadership Committees

Kosilio ( Council of Ministers)

The Kosilio or congregation of Minister comprise of the ordained Ministers of the church and chaired by the president of the church. The Kosilio is responsible for the spiritual leadership of the church.


The Trust is the governance board of the church and are responsible for the non-spiritual leadership of the church including property management, compliance, Finance, human resources, Trust administration, operational management and infrastructure and policies. The legal entity of the board is the trust.  

Komiti Pa’anga (Finance Committee)

Reporting to the BOT, this committee is chaired by the Telekita Pa’anga (Director of Finance) and include the chief bookkeeper, branch treasurers, Ministers and branch secretaries). Selected members of the BOT are also members of this committee. The responsibility of this committee is to oversee and manage the financial responsibilities of the board and church branches.


The Konifelenisi or conference is the annual general meeting where the leaders come together to report on work completed in the year and establish work plans for the future. The conference is also the meeting where the Trust appoints new ministers and confirms the elected officers including

  1.  The President of the Church
  2.  The General Secretary
  3.  The Director Finance
  4.  The Auditor and
  5.  The chief bookkeeper