Services Online from 1st November 2021

1 November 2021

From the 1st of November Church services on Sunday and during the week will be online using the zoom link for each branch.

To join the Sunday Service each branch will set up a Sunday Service Zoom session that it will provide the link for on the UCTNZ.COM website. Go to the branch menu to find your branch. On your branch webpage you will see the link to the events that your branch has set up including Sunday Services, Sunday School, Weekday Service and any other meetings they have called. Please note that some branches may continue to livestream their Sunday services in which case they should set up a facebook page for their branch to allow for the livestreaming of the zoom session.

Remember that if you join by zoom you can participate in the Service using video and audio. If your are join through livestream then you are only observing and can only participate using comments and facebook images such as hearts and likes.